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Tomoko Tsuruta holds a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) from Lasalle College of the Arts-Goldsmiths University of London, Singapore. Tomoko’s interest in art began in childhood. By the time she was 18, she had lived in three different countries including Singapore, all of which shaped her perspectives on life and creativity.


Tomoko’s training in Chinese ink painting, its concepts and approaches influenced her artistic style. She experiments with different types of paper and the use of traditional medium such as ink and colour pigments. She is interested in drawing on her own varied life experiences to create works that explore the concepts on the integration of East and West.


She is drawn to biomorphic forms that give a sense of transformation-in-progress. Her works are characterised by semi-transparency – building on thin veils layer by layer until the work evolves and finishes itself in the process. In her abstract works, she hopes to find some association with the physical world. Preferring to leave room for mystery in her works without clearly defining each meaning, so as to allow viewers freedom of their own interpretation which they draw from their own experiences.

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